Batzner’s Racing Cockroaches Return

On Thursday, October 9th, Batzner’s racing Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches took to the track for their 14th annual running. Once again, the races served as the main event of Customer Service Week at Batzner. IMG_3315-2IMG_3309-2The racing was exciting as usual, with┬áten teams of Batzner employees cheering their respective roach down the twelve-foot-long race track. In a close finish, roach number seven edged out roach number three and crossed the line first, earning the win and a year of bragging rights for his team.

IMG_3324-2-2Batzner made a donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation on behalf of the winning team in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month and the “Go Pink” initiative at Batzner.


Why are Stinging Insects Active During Fall?

The arrival of fall brings several changes with it. Kids head back to school, mild September days give way to cool evenings, and of course, football season begins.

As I was enjoying the first weekend of football with friends last Sunday, we left the patio door open to at least create the illusion that we were enjoying the beautiful weather outside while glued to the TV. That lead to several unexpected guests joining us. Throughout the course of the afternoon, at least 10 stinging insects made their way inside to our spread of food and sweet drinks. There was no doubt that the pests were out in full force.

So why exactly are stinging insects so active and seemingly more aggressive later in the year when they have been around throughout the summer?

The answer is actually quite simple. As queens stop laying eggs and their nests decline; stinging insects become more interested in our (human) food. Collecting sweets and carbohydrates becomes important for survival of the queen through the winter months. Unsurprisingly, some pests can become aggressive around humans as they gather whatever they can. With populations that could potentially be in the thousands, stinging insect colonies have no shortage of workers to collect for the queen.

The best way to protect yourself from the increase in stinging insect activity is to take measures to not attract them at all. Don’t leave food or drinks sitting out and be sure to clean up immediately. It’s best to have a garbage container with a lid to keep the stinging insects away. If a pest is getting to close for comfort, wait for it to fly away or slowly move away. Swatting at it will only make matters worse.